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  • Elizabeth Gorospe

Mindbodydrive's Differentiating Factor among the swarm of Personal Trainers

Doubtful of lifting weights thinking you'll get "big & bulky"? Are you scared of putting so much effort and time into working your body, only to find yourself in a shape that was far from your ultimate goal? Do you want to lose weight and inches, build strength and tone muscles withOUT ending up looking like a veiny bodybuilder, maintain your feminine curves and graceful walk? As a WOMAN who was once 37 lbs overweight, I understand your concerns and needs. Let me first address the reasons why most weight training programs won't sculpt your body the way you want it to be. #1-- Personal Trainers who make these programs have always been genetic freaks; running 5K races since high school, doing triathlons for a lifetime and have always had a 12pack ever since they were 8 yrs old! Taking fitness advice from a genetically gifted person is like taking swimming lessons from a dolphin--it's counterproductive and they just DON'T understand! How can they empathize with a 40lb overweight woman who is trying to gradually build herself up? Unfortunately, the result of this usually comes down to overexertion and injuries, leaving a bad taste of fitness in the client's mouth who was only trying to be healthier. #2-- Cookie Cutter Plans is what most trainers specialize on. They don't address the client's physical history, injuries, current capability, unique body composition and most importantly the goal that the CLIENT actually aspire to. Instead they throw this huge heavy bar on top of the client's back and tell them "do 20 reps" of Lunges, despite the client's weak knees. Even alot of female trainers are guilty of this too-- "NO, no your arms WON'T get bulky lifting heavy, LOOK AT ME: do I look bulky to you?" As trainers, yes they are to be looked up to, but DIFFERENCES between female body types/shapes DO Exist: such as- is the client Naturally a "pear shape" or an "apple shape"? Obviously, it would be harder for a woman with a skinnier upper body to get bulky at the TOP, but this simply isn't true for naturally "bulkier Top" women. So female trainers who try to tell you like everything is as simple as black and white- "you won't get bulky lifting heavy" is NOT addressing YOUR own body type and fitness goals, instead reflecting only THEIRS. #3-- Training for Heavy Weights as a priority may not give you the look and feel you are striving for. Don't get me wrong-- Weight Training is good and all. It builds strength and muscles that gives a great foundation to support your joints when done RIGHT and progressively. However, again most personal trainers focus on QUANTITY over quality, going as heavy as possible without FIRST practicing good form. So what happens is the body compresses and shortens, leaving you stiff like robocop after each session. This is because a VERY important component of building a body is totally left out--which is Mobility, Stability and Flexibility! Without mobility, stability & flexibility, it is hard to reach your full potential as a strong person long-term. And what's the point of having 8% bodyfat and legs to die for if you can't even walk right due to imbalances and structural misalignments or your posture is all messed up? Or you can't pick up a pen you dropped on the floor without feeling something "achie" on your lower back or stiffness from your hamstrings when you bend over? Well, with my MindBodyDrive Personal Training system, you can be sure to lose the extra weight and inches you are carrying WHILE you improve your posture, gain more mobility and fluidity so you can Look AS good as you FEEL and MOVE! :) HOW? Besides of course, addressing YOUR genetics, body composition and biofeedback, I incorporate a WELL-ROUNDED regime conducive to YOUR fitness goals: a. Weight Training with Proper Biomechanics: you can make a 5lb FEEL like 20lbs done in great form, thus helping you sculpt that lean, sexy sculpted look withOUT pounding your joints and making you look like a bulky square. b. Strategic Cardio Implementation that accelerates your metabolism and slim your body down; A Variety of cardio and bodyweight movements will tone your body as you build endurance! c. Mobility, Stability and Flexibility workouts that lengthen your muscles, strengthen your stabilizers and keep your body moving smoothly and limber at every angle! See, you CAN be STRONG, TONED and HEALTHY all the the same time! There's no need for you to pick either or, and that is my mission- for you to truly have a good looking AND functional body for a Life time :)

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