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...Going from 140 pounds to 103 pounds in these photos.

Hi everyone, my name is Elizabeth Gorospe! Thanks for visiting my page to learn more about me and what I do as a professional fitness trainer here in beautiful South Florida. As an experienced fitness lover, I can relate very well to my clients and their quest for better health and body. Being 37 pounds overweightI went through my own struggle of losing fat and gaining lean muscles. Yet I was able to turn my weaknesses into my biggest strength. 👏

Most who meet me often mistake my body's capability as "natural athleticism", which is FAR from the truth. Contrary to majority of trainers, I wasn't born athletic...NO, I haven't been playing sports my entire life nor have I been swinging around from one monkey bar to the next effortlessly in the playground as a child.  Matter of fact, when I was only 11 years old and being strength-tested in P.E. class, I could barely even perform 1 sit up! Nor was I even able to reach towards my toes when it came to the "Flexibility Test" either :( 

I was teased being the weakest in the class! I'm sure you can imagine the horror and embarrassment I felt.. 😫

I can still remember my classmates snickering in the background, and one girl almost crying of laughter that she couldn't concentrate doing her own situp...yes it was that bad! 😰

Well fast forward to my college years, that was when my weight significantly creeped up 😭 And THIS became a turning point in my life when I finally decided to make a change. After years of trial and error, constant studying, seminars and learning from experienced personal trainers, I finally got certified by AFPA and developed a strong PASSION for fitness. Nothing tastes as good as being fit, vital and healthy FEELS: it's just PRICELESS! 💪🏻 Now I am able to apply my own weight loss experience and knowledge to help others expedite their fat loss, strength gain, and attain a healthier lifestyle. Whether it's to relieve stress, improve sleep or lose cellulites, you will attest that I am the #1 South Florida Fitness Expert to go to for a SLIMMER, STRONGER BODY! I specialize in weight loss, body toning, strength training, and cardio endurance training.

"I was pretty fit already…except for my most troubled tummy! (thanks mom) lol…But with hardcore ab work, alot of variations, not just crunching, but twisting, side bending, forward and backward movements, I was able to transform a STRONG CORE!

I as an AFPA certified/insured personal trainer of Miami, Broward and Palm Beach would love to pass on this knowledge on to you and help you reach your fitness goals."


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