Will Cardio Get You In Shape?

I see women who spend 4 days a week, 40 minutes at a time, on the
stair-stepper, treadmill or bicycle who don’t lose weight or inches!
I know men who run 6 miles a day who have NO MUSCLE TONE and rolls of fat around their waists! You’ve been led to believe that if you want to lose fat, all you have to do is regular aerobic exercise.  But there’s more to it than that!
You must be able to monitor and control your cardiovascular intensity to maximize the number of calories you burn! And if aerobic exercise is not supplemented or combined with resistance training (lifting weights) to at least maintain muscle mass, you cannot effectively accelerate the fat loss process.
Each pound of lean muscle tissue burns 50 calories a day while your body is at rest. Meaning even if you’re just driving in your car, typing on the computer, or surfing MindBodyDrive Personal Training for some fitness tips, your fat burning surface(muscle) is CONSTANTLY at work! Whereas body fat--which is not metabolically active, burns little to NO fat for each pound of body fat. Therefore, a combination of properly monitored aerobic exercise and resistance training enables you to rapidly burn the maximum amount of fat!
SPECIAL NOTE: This may sound like it’s involved and time consuming. It’s NOT! With the proper fitness and nutrition system in place, you can quickly burn fat, lose weight and get fit in as little as 40 minutes per session—exercising in the privacy of
your home only 3 times per week! And in 12 weeks, you can dramatically transform your body!

By: Elizabeth Gorospe

South FL's #1 Personal Trainer

Are You Too Busy?

I don’t know if this applies to you, but a concern we often hear from folks considering beginning an exercise program is that “time factor.” And not having enough time to fit a fitness program into your life is very common (and valid) concern. Balancing work, family, and social obligations sometimes leaves…..little time left for TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF! Have you noticed that people, even those with the busiest of schedules, always find time for the things that are really important to them?
Success depends on making health a priority. In fact, the majority of our clients all lead busy lives balancing career and family life. And that’s why all of them have found that having an appointment to workout and fit exercise into their life is helpful in making sure they do what’s necessary to take care of themselves. Not only is this benefiting for them, but for their families and friends and anyone that they surround themselves with. You see, studies have shown that exercise balances temperament and promotes an improved outlook on life! Not only will working out make you look better, but will make you FEEL better too, cultivating positivity in every situation you encounter!
See if you’re too “busy”, then the more important it is for you to MAKE time for fitness so you can have more energy and be able to handle the demands of a demanding schedule. Exercise will reduce your stress and give you that mental clearance and physical endurance necessary to deal with all your daily responsibilities more quickly and efficiently. What’s more is you will sleep better, so you don’t wake up feeling sluggish, thereby making it a lot easier for you to get up off the bed in the morning and get your day started productively!
Keep in mind, there are 168 hours in a week, and it only takes 3 of them to get you in shape! That’s less than 2% of your time. So you’ll still have nearly the same amount of time as you did before, except now you’ll be looking and feeling Sexier and you’ll have more stamina to tackle EVERYTHING in your busy life and get more things done in less time! That’s a HUGE RETURN for a relatively small investment, wouldn’t you agree?
At MindBodyDrive Personal Training, our qualified and certified personal trainers work around your schedule, with training sessions starting as early as 7am in the morning and going straight through until 9 pm at night. Surely, we have a time that we can make work for you. And having a set appointment will make it easy for you to get your workout in and out very efficiently. Even if you can only fit 2 sessions a week into your schedule, making time for yourself IS important and will be MUCH better than doing nothing at all.

By: Elizabeth Gorospe

South FL's #1 Personal Trainer

What Nobody Tells You About Dieting...

One of the biggest myths out there is that dieting alone will eliminate fat. And that simply is NOT the case. In fact, as a health and fitness coach, I meet with people all the time who have created such a ‘yo-yo’ effect to their metabolism from dieting over the years that we have work to even things out again.

You see, to PERMANENTLY lose the fat stores in your body, you’ve got to burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns fuel throughout the day – even when you’re NOT exercising) with a precise exercise routine and proper nutrient ratio adaptations (that means eating the right stuff at regular intervals).

Even if you don’t exercise (but I recommend you do), just eating 3-6 HIGH QUALITY meals each day (by a meal, I mean anything from a nutritious snack to a sit-down dinner) will substantially increase your metabolism – and you’ll burn more calories!

By: Elizabeth Gorospe

South FL's #1 Personal Trainer

REVEALED: Fat Burning Secrets

There is an obsession with thinness plaguing the United States now more than ever before. Yet every year, 300,000 deaths attributable to obesity have been reported. Why? Because people crave for instant gratification thinking they will lose 5 pounds in 1 day and huge diet companies are more than happy to feed them the hype! So they steal these poor souls' money by promising impossible results if “you just drink their shake”. Or “take their magic pill”, or simply do 10 minutes of exercise on their wiz-bang machines while consuming grapefruit every 5 hours to burn fat-- absolutely abusing the vulnerability of people desperately wanting to lose weight in the name of profits and market share.

More of these examples that are really to be taken seriously as they promote dangerous claims are: Bodywrapping, NO-carb diet, Extended Fasting, Liquid diet, and Single-Category Diet.

Bodywrapping is a weight loss scheme in which an individual gets wrapped up from chest to knees by elastic bandages drenched in herbal mixtures and moisturizers. Once wrapped tightly in bandages, the individual is put into a nylon suit designed to keep heat circulating for 45-70 mins in an attempt to “squeeze the fat out” of the body. This condition alone can cause heat-related complications such as severe fluid loss, cramping or even heat stroke. Proponents claim that bodywrapping “draws toxins and water out of fat cells”, however fat contains NO water or toxins at all. Bodywrap is nothing more than BODY TISSUE COMPRESSION, slowing capillary blood flow to these tissues even shifting the flow inwards towards internal organs, which may pose some seriously HIGH health risks.

No carb, extreme high-protein diets have also become popular today in the diet & exercise business. Cutting back carbs almost completely actually depletes one's energy, robbing off the muscle's most important nutrient, water. Just as Fasting(consuming only 330 cals 2x a day--EVERYday of only protein) will soon shut the body's system down and can result to cardiac arrest. Even the Single-Nutrient diets like the Cabbage Diet or Grapefruit diet fail to deliver the desired results for safe, long-term weight loss. The real “secret” to achieving a slimmer, healthier body in the long run is a combination of a healthy diet consisting of a VARIETY of nutrients that our body needs to function well, aerobic exercise and resistance training.

By: Elizabeth Gorospe

South FL's #1 Personal Trainer

Living A Well-Balanced Life

As a working professional, juggling our time between career, family, friends and our health can be quite a challenge. 

However, it is attainable with a workable plan of action. We can have it all, not all at once but in a balanced flow at least. In order to achieve this balance, we must first align our priorities.
No doubt, HEALTH must be our first priority. As Scott Josephson states, “When you take care of your body, emotional and mental health will follow, allowing you to perform at your best.” Indeed, alot of times we get caught up on doing things for everyone, running errands, sacrificing our sleep while doing so much work in too little time. However, what we must realize is taking care of ourselves FIRST and foremost would actually allow us to help others in a more efficacious manner. When we have mental clarity, we increase our focus and our capability to organize; when we have a healthier mindset, our strength for discipline amplifies; and when we're in a better mood, we manage time better and adjust priorities accordingly, making our days go smoother. Thereby when we make ourselves happy, we'll get a lot more QUALITY work done WHILE making a lot more people happier!

Here are four steps to maintaining balance in our life: (1) Focus on a Mission (2) Mentally Plan Time (3) Emotionally Monitor Feelings (4) Physically Live LIFE!

The first step is reflecting on what we really want for our life. We have to ask ourselves: what matters to me the most? What is my main goal? Do my daily activities, time and energy spent align with my goal? Secondly, we must plan and organize according to the master plan. And find ways that would eliminate time-wasting such as delegating tasks to others so we can do other things that need to be done most importantly on realistic time lines. Thirdly, we must learn how to release all concerns in a calm manner before going home to work, that way you leave work...right at the office! So you could last but not least, Live Your Life to the FULLEST Physically: exercising your body, relaxing it and letting it have lots of laughter and joy!

By: Elizabeth Gorospe

South FL's #1 Personal Trainer


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