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When you train with Elizabeth, you experience a ton of varying workouts. From elliptical to weight training tools-- Elizabeth is an expert for Max Trainer Fort Lauderdale, Body Solid 350 Las Olas, Yukon Avenue Lofts, Bal Harbour Training, Marcy Fitness Aquablu, Bay Colony Club, Bermuda Riviera, Cybex Coral Ridge Country Club, Precor Colee Hammock, Star Trac Drake Tower, Embassy Essex Towers, New River, Gallery One Lofts, Cap Barbell Gal Ocean Club, Hampton Beach Club, Harbor Beach Fitness, Imperial Point, and Lauderdale Beach. So whether it's outdoors, in your apartment unit or gym, MindBodyDrive can get you strong and lean in your place at Lauderdale Isles Manors, Lhermitage, Marina Oaks, Nu River Landing, Oriano Personal Training, Palm Aire Village, Ocean Place, Poinsettia Heights, Paramount and Point of Americas.

"Elizabeth has enabled me to lose 30 pounds and to get back into shape!"

"Personal training with Elizabeth has enabled me to lose 30 pounds and to get back into shape! She keeps her workout routines fresh and fun. Her professionalism and enthusiasm is contagious as she challenges you to always try harder! Our workouts have primarily focused on powerhouse training enabling me to significantly increase my core strength. Lastly, the stretching at the end of each session maintains my body flexible and healthy."

- Bruno Filio, 46 yrs old; Leviton Manufacturing Vice President

"She is the most dedicated trainer I ever had."

#1 Ft Lauderdale leading exercise coach GUARANTEES Results you can be proud of! Save time and money, as MindBodDrive personal trainers deliver everything you need in your own home, HASSLE-FREE. We cover the following Fort Lauderdale areas: Portside Yacht Club Progresso, Q Club Resort, Ravenswood, Ritz Carlto, Riva Fitness Training, Sailboat Bend, Sky 230, Sea Ranch Club, The Waverly, Tarpon River, Victoria Park, Watergarden, 33301, 33304, 33307, 33311 personal training, 33316, 33339, 33302, 33305, 33308, 33312, 33334 fat burning tips, 33348, 33303, 33306, 33309, 33315, 33338 strength building tricks and 33394.

I contacted Elizabeth of MindBodyDrive about a year ago when I was looking for an in-home fitness trainer and love her work-outs. She is the most dedicated trainer that I have ever had; she pushes me beyond my perceived limits. I love the way she sends me text messages on the days we don't work out to motivate me to get moving and eat properly. 


During the time I have been working out with her, I have lost weight, gained strength and feel WONDERFUL. I am not self-motivated to work-out on my own, but she has changed that with her repetitive coaxing. She has created routines with the equipment I have at home to get me to work out more often.


I was always a pretty healthy eater, but she has helped me improve in that area as well. My workouts are always fun and diverse and she brings her own equipment, but will incorporate whatever equipment you have. Love her, she's the best and I plan on continuing to use her as my personal fitness trainer. She goes beyond what is expected of her, you will definitely get your monies worth and more."

Maritza Prats, 56 yrs old; Accountant

"I was not only transformed physically but also emotionally. "

Fort Lauderdale is an awesome city, not just for fitness but also to coast along the beautiful sandy beaches(where you can intensify your jogs--to keep those leg muscles BURNING! hah), and have late-night walks in downtown. Ft Lauderdale offers a night life where Blue Jean Blues, Culture Room, McSorley's Beach Pub can entertain you and your date for a lovely, unforgettable evening. Let's not forget Vibe, J's Bar, YOLO, Stache Drinking Den + Coffee Bar and Rhythm & Vine. Want to keep up with your lover in the dancefloor? Make the most of Fort Lauderdale's entertainment scene by having the energy to keep you going and the freedom to enjoy cultural foods in the best restaurants that may serve even healthier options such as Deja Blue, Quarterdeck, Coconuts and Capital Grille. Be lenient in your approach to food and try Kaluz, Nick's Italian Restaurant, Steak 954, Rustic Inn Crabhouse, Gilbert's 17th Street Grille and Lester's Diner. You CAN have a balanced relationship with food and life.

"As someone who never thought she could make fitness a part of her life, I was amazed when Elizabeth changed all that. With her positive attitude as well as her professional expertise, I was not only transformed physically but also emotionally. Each training session taught me more about my own inner strength and pushed me to work harder even after the sessions were finished. My energy levels went up, my eating habits improved, and I was walking with a spring in my step!

As a trainer, Elizabeth is accessible and supportive, working far beyond the individual training sessions. Working with her was much more than just going to a gym, or meeting for a moment. I was in capable hands and the results were almost immediate. If you are serious about fitness, I would not hesitate to call Elizabeth."

- Adina Ciment, 37 yrs old;

Hebrew Academy Teacher/Writer

"Being very self-conscious about being “fat”, I love that we can communicate candidly about  weaknesses, goals, and solutions."

"I started training with Elizabeth being about 50 lbs overweight and barely able to do past a full sit-up. Focusing carefully on form, targeted exercise variations and key core areas, I have been able to learn diversified strength and resistance training. She has helped me understand how to best develop my body and truly enjoy working out. She has great sensitivity and has the ability to tailor the training program to fit my needs, my requests, and my physical capabilities. Being very self-conscious about being “fat”, I love that we can communicate candidly about  weaknesses, goals, and solutions. She listens to me as her client and I can trust her fully as my trainer. It’s a team approach when we train together. As a plus, I receive compliments on my results daily." 

- Michelle Martinez Reyes, 34 yrs old;

Chief Marketing Officer

"I've seen muscle definition in places I never imagined."

"Elizabeth is an amazing personal trainer! She was able to totally transform my mental state and help me tap into my physical side. I was able to overcome all of my bad training, eating and even sleeping habits…basically becoming a new and better me. I’ve seen muscle definition in places I never imagined. She’ll always be my #1 personal trainer!"

- Anna Mitchelle, 26 yrs old;

Make-up Artist/ Model

"I lost 17 lbs and am down to 3 sizes!"

"When I started training with Elizabeth I was weighing 174 lbs and was a new mommy to a 4 month old baby. I obviously was not happy with my body and committed to working out the best I could to make a change in my physical appearance.  Elizabeth has taken the time to send me meal plans, teach me about healthy eating and also guide me into making good food choices. Also, she has a unique style about her training in that she always explains the exercise to you and makes sure you get it before you actually do it. She also stretches you after every training session which I have found to be very helpful.  Elizabeth always motivates me in continuing even when I feel like I want to give up. She is always there to make you go that extra mile and check in to make sure all is well. Though I cannot train as often as I should due to having two little babies at home, I make the best of it with Elizabeth’s help. I am happy with my results so far. I lost 17 lbs and am down to 3 sizes right now. I am motivated to keep working this out with Elizabeth until I reach my final goal!”

- Raquelita Escudero, 28 yrs old; Civics Teacher

"Having Elizabeth as my personal trainer is like working with a breath of fresh air! Her "get it done" attitude is motivating and is key to succeeding in my workouts! She listens to my needs and creates a plan to help me reach my goal. Her style is not pushy but encouraging. Just what I need in a personal trainer!

I have been working with Elizabeth for a month now and I have definitely noticed that my body is firmer and more toned. I also feel stronger, healthier and less stressed. Elizabeth is tough yet sweet. Personable, professional and witty! I look forward to all of my workouts with her!

- Eman K., 30 yrs old; Nurse

South Florida's elite at home fitness training offers efficient exercise regime and a diet that is flexible so you can get in great shape now! 5-Star reviewed service for Aventura, Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale communities.

"Elizabeth is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very professional, friendly, accommodating, and patient. When you combine those highly valuable intangible assets with Elizabeth’s expertise, positive motivation and technical know-how, you  get an amazing personal workout experience. 

I always felt comfortable from the beginning through the training session and this is a very important factor to train with a clear focus. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone that is serious about having the best personal trainer, while enjoying all the various exercises." 

- Robert Basha, 48 yrs old; Auction123 Founder

"Working out with Elizabeth has been a different experience for me. For once, I wasn’t seeing working out as this 'horrible' chore I had to do, but more of something I wanted to do. For the first time, I was enjoying walking into a gym, working on my fitness and improving my health.​

Elizabeth took the time to get to know me, the level of fitness I was in and my own personal challenges in the gym. She worked around my back injuries and modified exercises so they would be comfortable for me to do. She motivated me, by encouraging me but not passed my limits. Eventually I got stronger and the exercises got harder.

Elizabeth always changes up the routine so my body is constantly learning and adapting. The main goal I personally had was to get comfortable in the gym again, after some time off from working out. I definitely achieved this goal and even surpassed it as I look forward to working out with Elizabeth even when it’s too early in the morning. My fitness level has improved, my body is more toned and I feel STRONGER!"

- Mona Sabbah, 32 yrs old; Copywriter

Review your #1 fitness coach in Parkland. Elizabeth Gorospe known for her 5-star rating in Google and she will show you why. Call her at 954 707 8811 if you live in Heron Bay, Water Crest, Mira Lago, Cascata, Cypress or Parkland Isles. She provides partner training, group classes, and private one-on-one for your convenience and support. She works around your hours so you can stay committed and consistent with your 33076 and 33067 exercise routines.

"Elizabeth is a fantastic personal trainer! She will teach you exercises that you could never imagine, and firm up parts of your body that you forgot were there. She is professional, friendly, and has a fantastic attitude that is infectious. 

My wife and I have been working with her for years, and will continue to do so. If you're in shape, she helps get you in better shape. If you need to get into shape, she will help you get there. Her workout is highly flexible, and varies from week-to-week. If you are injured, she changes things up to keep you moving without making your injury worse. I recommend her to anyone who wants professional assistance achieving their fitness goals."

- Stuart Horowitz, 58 yrs old;

President of WIRB-Copernicus Group

"I have been working out with Elizabeth since the beginning 2017 after a 2 year hiatus. Elizabeth took this into consideration which was exactly what I needed to start again. She slowly increased the exercise routine, tailored to my progress.

I enjoy her training style where she explains which muscle groups are being used and the training has different segments. So never boring and targeting the whole body. She always listens to any concerns I have or questions I like answered. I am happy to have noticed my body change, more strength gain & endurance is coming back!

Elizabeth makes working out fun. She is witty yet won' t let you slip. I love her sense of humor and feel she is not only my trainer but friend. She is sincere with wanting to help me get back into shape and I appreciate that."

- Birgit Oliva, 56 yrs old;

Sales Consultant Satori Linens

"I started training with Elizabeth on May 2013. She works beside you with mind, spirit and body. She is simple and yet covers every aspect of your body transformation. She makes sure you work every single muscle of your body. When you train with her, you're making a really rewarding investment, because by yourself is really hard to obtain good results. However, she teaches you how to train by yourself, giving you a simple routine yet hard and productive. I remember every time I was walking outdoors my left leg was in pain, was hard because I could not even finish my walking and I felt very frustrated. After one week of training with Elizabeth, the pain was off. And I feel stronger!!! I thank God I found her. She is awesome!"

- Mariela Carolina Estrella, 36 yrs old

"I have been working with Elizabeth for a few months now and I am very happy with the vast knowledge and flexibility in training methods she brings to my workouts. Elizabeth not only has taken the time to work on my physical training, but has helped me tremendously with nutrition and other aspects of my overall well being as well. She has a very respectful and positive approach to training which has been nothing short of awesome for me. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I’ve been with Elizabeth and her workouts. She is wonderful. She always come well prepared, full of energy and with lots of different, relevant exercises. Not all trainers really care about their students and put in the extra mile to make the class interesting. I appreciate her dedication and professionalism. She is always encouraging, positive and a joy to work with. I’ll be sure to recommend Elizabeth to all my friends."

- Pascale Cournede, 43 yrs old; Logistics Manager

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