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  • Elizabeth Gorospe

Lacking Motivation-- Should You Get A Parkland Personal Trainer Near You?

We all have those days when we’d rather just lay around the couch and relax, after a long grueling day of work. The last thing on your mind is to do some more “work”-- it’s understandable.

You’re spent mentally and physically…. No desire to go out in the traffic again just to get to a crowded gym. Or just walking to your flatscreen tv to pop in a workout a video seems like a drag...even if it’s right in your home, footsteps away. you still find no motivation :(

You may have not gotten much sleep last night, but you know you should still get your exercise in, especially after a night out with friends. You had abit too much to drink and New York style pizza in 33067 didn’t help much either, now you feel a little puffy-- you just REALLY gotta exercise. But still, getting your body moving remains to be the last thing on your mind, when you didn’t get your restful, restorative sleep….

Perhaps, you have a shoulder injury that has been healing, yet the gnawing pain is letting you know that it’s still there...SURELY... Not exactly an “energizing” circumstance to be in :(

Besides that your doctor suggests for you not to go crazy on it and that a little bit of movement helps.

But what type of movement?(you may ask) “Is there a way for me to strengthen (enter injured bodypart here) and maintain my fitness without hurting myself in the process?” The answer, my friend, is YES!

Having a Fort Lauderdale personal trainer will get you out of that rut because when you know you have set up an appointment with your trainer, you feel much more obligated to make it happen. So even if you’re too tired from work, handling the kids all day, or you missed a night of sleep and your injury is nagging you-- you are committed to sticking to your training schedule as your Davie fitness coach reminds you to stay on track and lets you know there are way more efficient exercises to do even if it’s not a body-crushing “hardcore” workout, yet a planned routine that could stimulate your muscles into leanness while working around your injuries or specific condition that present day.

As human beings, we think everything must be perfect in order for something to work out. But that is NOT the case, when sometimes business, family duties, social responsibilities have the tendency to dominate our lives. We believe we must be on our “A” game each and every time. We tend to judge ourselves when we don’t feel perfect-- but in reality: the “Best” that we have in us on Monday might have a different degree compared to what we will have on Friday. We should not judge ourselves, as long as we do our best with whatever we have at the time. It all starts with DOING, and the BEST effort we exert will pay dividends in every aspect of our life.

We all have internal motivation. It’s hard to turn it on, when you’re completely depleted from giving yourself selflessly to others, from homeschooling your kids to investing time/energy/money to your new employees and helping your bestfriends in their moments of crises. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be self-giving this time and get external help? When you have a motivated personal trainer to spark a fire in you, that internal motivation soon comes alive once you start moving: because ACTION BEGETS ACTION. Call Elizabeth Gorospe now at 954-707-8811, because you deserve all the benefits that Medicinal Movement has to offer,

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