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  • Elizabeth Gorospe

How To Make Today Your "Someday."

SPOILER: It’s easier than you might think.

I didn’t have the “time” to worry about mobility or diet...

I’d focus on it “later” … when it was more urgent, when I had more time, when I finally got the motivation … when it really mattered.

Someday when I wasn’t so busy....

Then one day I had a wake-up call.

I met with a potential client who told me she knelt down on the floor and couldn’t get back up without help. She’d always meant to work on her fitness, but she could never find the time. Now she was filled with regret at waiting so long.

That’s when it hit me.

The problem with waiting is that when “someday” finally comes, we feel so behind that we’re too tired … too sore … or too overwhelmed to start.

There’s ONE THING I know to be true when I hear that “someday” voice pop up in my head.

I’m making it too complicated. I’m engaging in “either-or” thinking.

Self-care is NOT an all-or-nothing situation.

There are always small steps I can take NOW to help me feel better, move better, and generally LIVE better every single day.

It’s the same for ALL of us!

PLUS I know when I take action … I instantly feel more empowered, confident, and energized.

Taking that FIRST STEP is hard. But it’s so rewarding … and SO important.

Are you ready to join me and take a step toward a healthier future?

Call me now at 954 707 8811 so Your someday doesn't come too late!

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