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  • Elizabeth Gorospe

How Hiring a Personal Trainer can Prepare you for an Event

Whether you're getting ready to firm up in a bikini on your Spring Break vacation to the Carribean, fit in that beautiful dress for your wedding, or strengthen your core for an upcoming tennis tournament overseas or injure-Proof your shoulders for that big game with your friends at the golf course-- working with a personal trainer would give you a major advantage.

Your Mindbodydrive fitness coach will help you prepare a fitness regime throughout the weeks leading up to your event. There’s no need to be second-guessing yourself as to how many times you should be doing weight-training(with what appropriate exercises and How), when to do cardio and which types are best to help you accomplish a specific goal. Most importantly, when a personal trainer is holding you accountable, you are most likely to SHOW UP each and Every time. And when you have a limited time frame to meet your goals, being consistent and being on track right up to your event becomes even that much more important.

It’s inevitable that you will encounter stumbling blocks along the way. When you have an experienced Parkland fitness trainer on your side, she will know what to expect, identify problem areas, create a strategy and define a long-term plan to maintain results even After your event has passed.

For example, your swings are on par, but twisting your torso limits your movement as you feel pain in your lowerback restricting a fuller range a motion. This sure can derail your potential wins on the tennis court. The RIGHT personal trainer can help you incorporate healing techniques and stretching protocols that can alleviate that back pain, while creating a strength training regime that builds up those problems areas. She may evaluate your movement patterns to verify any muscular imbalances that is making you weak in the first place. Which in this case, prescribe exercises that work your thoracic rotators and deep core muscles so you’re able to absorb explosive impacts of such high-intensity sports. With direction and clarity, you will sure be standing tall and confident by the time that special day comes around.

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