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Parkland's first Filipina female trainer who has been from fat to FIT understands your weight loss journey and guides you by the hand, step-by-step so that you can reach your fitness goals safer, faster and most importantly: PERMANENTLY. With the convenience of In-Home Personal Training, you will have no more excuses of not being able to get to the gym to exercise due to traffic and being "too late". Elizabeth Gorospe's caring attitude and professional demeanor will keep you motivated, as she brings the tools you need and optimal training programs to your home in Parkland. MindBodyDrive covers area 33067, 33073, Countrys Point, Cypress Head, Fox Ridge, Heron Bay, Mayfair Personal Trainer, Miralago and Parkland Isles. The leader of in-home fitness also travels to Pine Tree Estates, Ternbridge One-on-One Fitness and Watercrest.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

I was once 37 lbs overweight...tired...and uncomfortable in my own skin.. 

I understand the vicious cycle of weight loss that makes you just want to lose hope and chop your stomach off! Ok...that might sound a little disturbing, but you know what I mean. The obstacles and barriers are there and they are REAL.  With my own weight loss experience and success of helping others do the same, it is my mission to save You time and errors so you too can be a Fat-Burnin' Machine EVEN IF-

  • You are not genetically lean and toned

  • You've failed in the past before

  • You are busy taking care of the kids and business

  • You love to eat out

  • You don't have a gym membership

  • You are a newbie to exercise

BELIEVE. That you can finally achieve the LONG-TERM Results that you deserve with a lifestyle system that keeps you burning fat and weight off your body FOREVER.


Look what these busy parents and goal-focused professionals have attained with South FL's most comprehensive and effective personal training!

- not just for the summer

- not just for an event

- not just for a vacation

BRUNO LOST 30 LBS...and Never found them AGAIN!

With Coral Springs leader in health, wellness and fitness, Elizabeth Gorospe provides the most flexible options of training whether it's at your home, favorite park or office, you get friendly support and focused one-on-one customized regimes filled with variety to get you in the best shape of your life! Check Mindbodydrive at IN HOME PERSONAL TRAINER Parkland Coral Springs W Hillsboro Blvd Parkland, FL 33067
10 Age-Related Hormone Degeneration that increase fat and how to reverse them with fitness programming, body sculpting and nutritional coaching; Certified Coral Springs Personal Training Expert shows you the best way. Call 954-707-8811 for your free consultation. Elizabeth covers the following Coral Springs communities: Atlantic Springs, Butler Farms, Brookside, Chevy Chase, Coral Springs Country Club, Eagle Trace, Edgewater, Glenwood, Kensigton, Lakewood Village, Maplewood, Napoli Gardens, Oak Wood, Pine Ridge, Ramblewood, Savannah at Riverside and North Springs at zip codes 33063, 33065, 33071, 33075
7 Reasons why in-home personal training at your Pompano Beach condo is your best tool when it comes to losing weight and burning off stubborn belly fat as you get to learn nutrition lifestyle hacks, workout techniques and strength training regimes provided by Elizabeth Gorospe. Check out

"Personal Training with Elizabeth has enabled me to get back into shape! Our workouts have primarily focused on powerhouse training enabling me to significantly increase my core strength."


6 Weight Loss Mistakes and how to fix it with Davie's verified fitness coach, Elizabeth Gorospe, as she guides you with smart training programs, private one-on-one sessions so you can get the accountability and support that you need to reach your goals. Make 2019 a great year for your body, mind and soul!
20 Ways to Lose Weight and maintain your fat loss using Fort Lauderdale MindBodyDrive's results-proven strategies that include private fitness training, customized exercises, and holistic nutrition for your ultimate body transformatio. To learn more, we suggest to accompany your health journey with us.

"My energy levels went up, my eating habits improved, and I was walking with a spring in my step!"


Cause You TOO can lose 30 lbs, gain more energy and walk with a spring in your step!

I know you're thinking...

"How can I actually achieve the weight loss results I've always wanted...I've tried the magic shake, diet pill and 10 minutes of exercise on wiz-bang machines, basically EVERYTHING under the sun but never have gotten any lasting results.."

Allow me to introduce to you...

"Four Secrets To Finally Achieving The Weight Loss, Health And Fitness Results You Deserve....

My friend,

If you're at all like most of the people I talk to, then you've probably tried lots of ways to lose weight and get in shape in the past.

And while some of those programs may have helped you achieve some short term results, ultimately most have failed in the long run.

That's because nobody's ever really given you everything you need to get in and STAY IN great shape- ONCE-And-For-ALL. Please let me share with you....

4 Secrets to Finally Achieving The Weight Loss, Health and Fitness Results You Want!

1. The Secret To Making A Simple "Commitment" To Your Exercise Program.

The big companies want you to believe that a pill, fad diet or a special machine will solve all your weight loss and fitness problems. This is counter-intuitive and insults your common sense. But people still want to believe – because there’s so much PAIN. The real "secret" is quite simple and I’ll distill it for you right here: eat 2 to 4 healthy meals per day(depending on your schedule) and perform a combination of aerobic and weight training exercise for 45 mins 2 times a week. Take out your calendar right now and mark off two days each week for the next 12 weeks when you will commit to exercising. Then DO it. Your consistent commitment will bring you the results you want.

2. The Secret Of Having A Coach.

Almost every self-help book ever written talks about the critical importance of having a coach/mentor. A coach is an experienced and trusted counselor or teacher. It’s inevitable that you will come up against hard times on your path to losing fat and getting fit.

#1 Aventura in-home trainer Elizabeth Gorospe shows you how to build a lean, strong body with her 12-Week Blast the Fat Fitness Program, so you can finally be free to strut your stuff with confidence in the beautiful, sunny beaches of Miami, FL 33180. A coach you can rely on to help you lose weight and gain strength faster than ever!

A coach will guide, motivate, educate and support you – so you can easily and rapidly overcome these hurdles.

A coach is critical to systematizing your exercise program for maximum results and assisting you in heightening your motivation and strengthening your commitment. And a coach becomes your "objective feedback system," helping you see, understand and correct the problems that are interfering with your progress. Exercise and nutrition are bona fide sciences and learning everything you need to know on your own can take years of strugglebut not if you have a knowledgeable coach who has been where you are.

3. The Secret Of Progression.

Have you ever met someone who says they exercise week after week, month after month, even year after year and aren't getting any new results? Believe it or not, doing the SAME workout OVER and OVER  again without expert guidance to direct your progress will actually decrease your fitness. You must learn how to progressively improve and fine-tune your efforts for weight loss, muscle toning and overall fitness results.

ATTENTION: Residents of 33351 and 33322-Get in Shape with Elizabeth's 90-Day Fat Loss Personal Training Challenge in Sunrise Florida! As a body toning, weight loss and strength expert, you will find that MindBodyDrive fitness trainers are the best in the fitness industry. Just check out our top reviews!

4. The BIGGEST Secret: Accountability.

In a recent study at Virginia Polytechnic researchers divided people starting a walking program into two groups. Every week, each individual in one group got a phone call asking how their exercise program was coming along, the other group got no calls. At the end of 24 weeks, 45% of the individuals who got the phone calls were still walking compared to just 2% who did not receive calls! The results show that weekly accountability increases the likelihood of sticking to your exercise program by 2200%!

I Know I Can Help You And I'd Like The Chance To Prove It To You!

I know you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a health and fitness solution, but I'd really like the chance to prove to you the difference MindBodyDrive Transformation System really can make in your life.

Elizabeth Gorospe is your elite choice Fitness Trainer for Bent Tree Boynton Beach, Boynton Lakes, Canyone Springs Fitness, Colonial Club, Casa Costa, Delray Dunes, Equus Training, Green Cay Villae, Hunters Run, Indian Spring Exercise, Limetree, Leisureville, Marina Village, Mirabella Villas, Intacoastal Trainer, Pine Tree Golf Club, Ponte Vecchio, Platina Boynton Beach, The Grove, and Valencia Isles. MindBodyDrive also covers areas 33424, 33425, 33435, 33436, and 33483 with excellent customer and fitness training client services for your home.

"After 20 years of working out with a variety of trainers and workout styles, I am very excited to find Elizabeth. I am already seeing results in this short amount of time that I didn't always see after years of workouts with other trainers."

"If you're in shape, she helps get you in better shape. If you need to get into shape, she will help you get there. If you are injured, she changes things up to keep you moving without making your injury worse."

Want to get rid of that muffin top when you're wearing your favorite skinny jeans? Do you want to feel confident in your bathing suit and feel more like YOU than ever before so you can stuff your bad self all over Coconut Creek beaming with light and energy, feeling ALIVE? If you are, then you are definitely ready for Coconut Creek's #1 personal trainer to change you life. Just like you, I was once very self-conscious about my body, being that I was over 37 lbs overweight. I was tired, more grouchy, and slept very little! After years of studying the science of getting fit and healthy the LONG-TERM way, I've finally developed a Coconut Creek Fat Burnin' Fitness System designed to change, define AND maintain even the hardest DNA to alter! It doesn't matter whether you've always been fat since 10 yrs old or tend to keep that fat weight on your stomach like mommy-- You too just like myself and clients I've helped get leaner and fitter can get in the best shape of your life.

Unlike most trainers who have always been fit their ENTIRE lives, I went from being "Fat" to lean, strong and healthy, and for many years, I've struggled to accumulate what I'm about to show you: 

  • Never-before-seen diversified exercises(my clients tell me they don't see ANY of these on Youtube!) So you won't ever plateau and get bored of working out again!

  •  Intelligent, purposeful execution of movement based on YOUR own joint and muscular structure. This way you prevent injuries and optimize your results.

  •  Punctual mobile training brought to your preferred location. The CONVENIENCE and reliability of MindBodyDrive in-home training keeps you Committed! 

  •  Nutritional Guidance that doesn't rely on deprivation. Learn strategies of developing eating habits that keep you satiated and give you LASTING Energy! 

  •  Complete programming that improves your fitness in ALL areas: Flexibility, Mobility and Balance. So you build strong muscles while still maintaining grace and a beautiful posture.

  •  Emphathic support from a patient, understanding coach who guides you with a purpose and stays present and observant in every session.

#1 trusted personal Core Trainer of Cooper City 33024, delivers to you reliable customer service and fitness results you desire in the comfort of your own home. Elizabeth is an experienced and knowlegeable coach for 33026, 33328 and 33330.  Together as a team, she solves body shaping problems that other training instructors won't understand. To learn more, call 954-707-8811. She trains you in Cooper Colony Estates, Embassy Lakes, Flamingo Gardens, Guardian Estates, Hibbs Grove, Lake Marantha, Monterra and Summertime Isle

Call me now at 954-707-8811 or contact me through the submission form for your FREE CONSULTATION,

I look forward to speaking with you soon and making YOU my next success story!

Cooper City MindBodyDrive Personal Training will make your year of 2019 SEXIER, HEALTHIER AND MORE FUN THAN EVER! Learn why Elizabeth Gorospe is Cooper City's most sought out trainer! She gives you the best techniques that accelerate your muscle-building and weight loss goals through the important following techniques: #1 Cardio with a PURPOSE. Incoporating both fast and slow cardio regimes with varying movement patterns. The trick is getting the RIGHT balance of fat burn and muscle shaping retention. #2 Weight Training with proper biomechanics in mind. You learn correct form that will prevent injury and build more definition. #3 A nutritional system and mindful eating habits that you could take with you for a lifetime. #4 Optimizing your sleep and managining your daily stressors so you can have more enthusiasm and energy in your day. As the most competent Cooper City Fitness Trainer, Elizabeth will guide you through your personal fitness path

Yours in Health,

Elizabeth Gorospe

P.S. Don't let this opportunity to change your life pass you by! Call me now at 954-707-8811! :)

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